Our Mandate

The Akaitcho Territory Government represents the collective environmental, social, political, cultural, and economic interests of the Member First Nations – Deninu Ku’e First Nation, Lutsel K’e Dene First Nation, Smith’s Landing First Nation and Yellowknives Dene First Nation – Dettah/ Ndilo.

Akaitcho First Nations

Deninu Kue First Nation

Pronounced “Deneh-noo-kweh”, meaning Moose Island, and also known as Fort Resolution.

Lutsel K’e Dene First Nation

Pronounced “Loot-sel-kay” and named after a type of small fish, is formerly known as Snowdrift.

Smith’s Landing First Nation

Smith’s Landing, an outpost established by the Hudson’s Bay Co., was named in honour of Donald Alexander Smith.
Akaitcho First Nations

Yellowknives Dene First Nation Dettah

Dettah means ‘Burnt Point’ in Weledeh, and refers to a traditional fishing camp, used by the Dene for centuries.

Yellowknives Dene First Nation Ndilo

Pronounced “Dee-low” is located at the North end of Latham Island in Yellowknife.

Thaidene Nene National Park Reserve

This proposed National Park is located on the northern edge of the boreal forest, consisting of approximately 33,000 square kilometres.

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“…for as long as the sun shines,

the river flows,

and the grass grows…”

Treaty 8